Use this referral code when signing up for Star Citizen

Star Citizen referral code

The Star Citizen referral code is part of the referral program and grants you 5000UEC for free. The code can only be used once per account and can’t be applied retroactively. Here’s how you use a referral code.

  1. Click this link STAR-X5R4-526B and the code will be entered automatically.
  2. Fill in the signup form and enlist
  3. Inform yourself about the state of the game and the controversy. Watch this on Youtube and/or read this Forbes article.
  4. Buy a game package if you want to back the project, but don’t fall for the macro transactions! A starter package is fine.

This referral code will only work once and can’t be used retroactively. Just click or copy the code, the credits will show up once you enlisted.
star citizen referral code example

What is the referral program

The Star Citizen referral program is a reward system to motivate backers to tell others about the game. When someone signs up using your referral code they automatically earn 5,000 UEC. In addition, you’ll get a Recruitment Point and climb up the reward ladder.
The game credits only apply to new accounts and is worth about $5. Once you created your account you can refer your own friends with your unique reference.

How to use a referral code

You can either share it with friends or use it when you sign up for the game. It’s sort of a win-win, you get free credits and someone gets a recruitment point. It’s not a coupon code or a discount, just free credits. Please don’t spend it in the Voyager Direct store! The VD needs an update badly and IMO should be shut down immediately. Half of the items in there don’t even work and are overpriced. Turbulent probably is too busy working on Spectrum and don’t have the resources to improve or shut down the VD store. As of lately, a shutdown has been announced and CIG is allowing backers to get back UEC.

Share your referral code with friends

Every backer gets a unique referral code to share with friends, social media or your website. You can check your recruit status in your account under ‘my referral section’.

When a new Star Citizen backer enlists using your referral code, it earns them 5000UEC. UEC is the official Star Citizen currency for the final game. It can be spent on virtual items like vehicle and components, hangar flair (decorations), weapons etc. Once release UEC will allow you to buy ships, vehicles and much more

You will be rewarded

When a prospect buys a Star Citizen game package and spends $40 USD or more, they become a recruit. The recruit gets the game credits and you’ll be rewarded with a recruitment point.

Frequently asked questions

The rewards are pretty great up to 10 recruits. After that is becomes less interesting. A referral program revamp was announced recently. To avoid confusion keep the following in mind.

  • Your prospect needs to spend $40 before they become a recruit, every converted prospect gets you 1 Recruitment Point.
  • Using a referral code will always get you 5000 UEC when creating a new account, you don’t need to buy the game to be eligible.
  • Gifting from an existing account to the new account doesn’t get you recruitment points.
  • Transferring gift cards to other accounts doesn’t work, cash only.
  • A recruit can melt their items for store credit without changing their status back to “prospect.”
  • Rewards can’t be gifted or exchanged for store credit.
  • You’ll lose a Recruitment Point when a recruit gets refunded. I don’t know if you also lose rewards.
  • Ships rewarded get 6 months insurance or more.

More info, check here.

Applying the code to old accounts

One of the biggest complaints with the introduction of the affiliate program is that older backers missed out on the rewards. Referrals can’t be applied after you create an account. Still, to this day whenever a thread on Reddit pops up about this subject, people express their frustration. Some referred as many as 40 people without getting anything out of it.

Recruitment ranking ladder and referral rewards

get recruits and rewards%
The ranking system goes from 1 to 2017 recruits. The best (or easiest) reward is probably the Gladius gold which only requires 10 recruits. You will have access to this ship in your hangar and it can be used in all game modes.
The rewards at 25 and 42 recruits grand you access to ships that can only be used in Arena Commander and Crusader, not in the final game!

Permanently added ships come when reaching 75 recruits. 75 recruits you’ll get the Razer, 100 points will get you the Vanduul Blade, 200 the Glaive and 500 the Hurricane + Terrapin. You can use these ships in the final game and they get added to your account once flight ready. Here’s a list of all the current rewards:

List of rewards

All rewards from the referral program
Number of recruitsRecruitment titleForum display titleRewards
1Badger and badgesRecruiterGA series of UEE Squadron Badges
K&W CF-007 Bulldog repeaters
3Gimbals and gunsPrivateTwo gimbal mounts and
two K&W CF-007 Bulldog repeaters.
5Surf & TurfCorporalGreycat buggy
4 white & blue striped fish
10Gladius & goldSergeantGladius standalone ship & Life Time Insurance,
5 gold ship display models
25AC racing packageLieutenantPermanently unlock 350R, M50 & Mustang Gamma in Crusader & Arena Commander
15,000 UEC
42AC combat packageCaptainPermanent unlock the Cutlass Black, Hornet, Avenger & Aurora LN
30,000 UEC
75Speed racerMajorMisc Razor
100Dog FighterLt. ColonelYou get the alien ship the Blade & Life Time Insurance.
200Ready for battleColonelYou get the Vanduul Glaive & Life Time Insurance.
500Anvil Ship PackageBrigadier GeneralTerrapin and Hurricane & Life Time Insurance.
1042Million Mile High Club AccessMajor GeneralMembership to the exclusive Million Mile High Club!
2017Star CrossingLt. GeneralJavelin & Life Time Insurance.

RSI referral contest rewards

If you entered the RSI contest back in April 2017 you had a chance to earn some additional perks. Although the contest was poorly received by the communities vocal minority, some got a few unique and probably rare perks. The contest ended in August. Some got a Pink Dragonfly and a Star Kitten T-shirt.

Reddit referral code randomizer

You can add your code to the referral code randomizer and then hope someone will use it. The most popular one is the Reddit referral code randomizer created by the community. It was created to stop people from spamming their codes everywhere. It generates a number from a random citizen when you visit the page. The generator removes the numbers every 6 months to keep it clean. Make sure you make a note when yours expires! You can simply add it again to the generator when expired.

How to join the referral program to get recruits

Once you have enlisted and created your account you enter the referral reward program. From that moment you will have your own code. As a prospect/backer you’ll be able to share your personal and unique number. Don’t forget to add your code to the Reddit randomizer.
In my opinion, the best way to get more recruits is by creating content. Make some cool video’s for example and add your code, you might get something out of it.

About Star Citizen

Star Citizen is an ambitious game and one of the most crowdfunded projects of all time, over $200 million so far. The game is in alpha and backing means you’ll have to deal with the bugs or wait until a more stable version is released. Do your own research before you decide to jump into the game. For the best experience consider buying a joystick to play the game.

SC has been in development for over 8 years. Think twice before you buy.