15 of the best Star citizen joysticks to consider

Star Citizen single stick, dual stick and hotas

Budget joysticks Mid-range joysticks High-end joysticks Left hand joystick Hotas setups Joystick guide Picking the best Star Citizen joystick is a challenge. Do you want the best quality joystick or perhaps you’re on a budget? Do you need a single-stick, dual joystick (Hands On Stick And Stick), HOTAS, HOSAK or maybe HOSAM? And what about the flight … Read more

The Star Citizen referral program earns you 5000 UEC

If you want to sign up for Star Citizen don’t forget to use a referral code. It earns you free in game credits which can can use to buy weapons or save up for spaceships. STAR-X3TH-H279 Use this Star Citizen referral code when you sign up for the game It gets you 5000 UEC for … Read more

Star Citizen’s unstoppable crowdfunding campaign

Star Citizen crowdfunding

Star citizen funding seems unstoppable and surpassed $175 million in 2017. How on earth did this video game which is still in Alpha raise so much money? First, let’s have a look at how it all started and some of the controversies surrounding this game. Crowdfunding Kickstarter Crowdfunding record Funding totals 2012-2017 About Star Citizen … Read more

The best gaming mouse to play Star Citizen

best star citizen gaming mouse

Any gaming mouse will probably do but there are some things to consider when buying a gaming mouse to play Star Citizen. Think about precision while aiming your ship and don’t forget about the FPS part, aka Star Marine. You’ll need a mouse with variable DPI settings which most of the gaming mice have. DPI … Read more

Star Citizen anniversary sale 2017 – hide your wallets!

Star Citizen anniversary sale 2017

The Star Citizen anniversary sale will kick off November 24th and ends at the 4th of December. This annual sale is a good time to pick up ships that aren’t always available. If you suffer from Star Citizen ship buying fever it’s better to avoid any contact with /r/starcitizen of the RSI website until the … Read more

Star Citizen 3.0 Evocati leaks


Despite the NDA the Evocati are under, there is already some leaked Star Citizen 3.0 content available. If you hate spoilers you should leave this page. Most videos are probably not leaked on purpose, people forget to set videos to private while submitting bug reports. Leaked Star Citizen 3.0 videos 15 minutes of game-play from … Read more

Star Citizen mini games

Hyper Vanguard Force mini game

If you backed Star Citizen a while ago you’ll probably remember the mini games. If you haven’t heard about them yet it’s time to check them out! Guaranteed fun for a couple of hours, probably not going to help you wait for 3.0 though. Not only are they fun to play, you’ll unlock display titles … Read more

Gladius gold reward giveaway – (giveaway closed)

Gladius gold reward Star Citizen

Giveaway is over. Winners have been notified, I decided to give away 20 additional recruits to contributors, thanks everyone! 1. Go to  starcitizenreferralcode.net  and Share/Like/Tweet/G+ to participate, use the buttons on the left. 2. Come back here and leave a comment on this page if you want to win this ship!  I’m giving away the Star … Read more

The difference between No Man’s Sky and Star Citizen

no mans sky vs star citizen

I recently noticed I get many visitors looking for a No Man’s Sky alternative space game. In short you can’t really compare No Man’s Sky to Star Citizen. On top of that I imagine NMS refugees are cautious when it comes to backing another space game. While I can’t really say Star Citizen is No … Read more