Star Citizen Development hell

The chairman (Chris Roberts) has not been active for almost 3 years but bought a big 5m dollar mansion. More to come soon. Please go over to This is the only place where you can have a decent discussion without facing a ban. You can also learn how to get some of your money … Read more

15 of the Best Star Citizen Joysticks to Consider

Star Citizen single stick, dual stick and hotas

Budget joysticks Mid-range joysticks High-end joysticks Left hand joystick Hotas setups Joystick guide Picking the best Star Citizen joystick is a challenge. Do you want the best quality joystick or perhaps you’re on a budget? Do you need a single-stick, dual joystick (Hands On Stick And Stick), HOTAS, HOSAK or maybe HOSAM? And what about the flight … Read more

Star Citizen Referral Code – it’s a SCAM

The Star Citizen referral code is part of the referral program and grants you 5000UEC for free. The code can only be used once per account and can’t be applied retroactively. Here’s how you use a referral code. Click this link STAR-X5R4-526B and the code will be entered automatically. Fill in the signup form and … Read more

Star Citizen’s unstoppable crowdfunding campaign

Star Citizen crowdfunding

This content is out of dat. Star citizen raised over 400 million and it’s a buggy mess. Is it a ponzi scheme? Star citizen funding seems unstoppable and surpassed $175 million in 2017. How on earth did this video game which is still in Alpha raise so much money? First, let’s have a look at … Read more

Star Citizen 3.0 Evocati leaks


Despite the NDA the Evocati are under, there is already some leaked Star Citizen 3.0 content available. If you hate spoilers you should leave this page. Most videos are probably not leaked on purpose, people forget to set videos to private while submitting bug reports. Leaked Star Citizen 3.0 videos 15 minutes of game-play from … Read more