Play Star Citizen for free

Star Citizen is free to play during free fly events. These events allow you to play Star Citizen for free for a period of time. During the event you can try out different ships but you’ll need to enter a free fly code. Think of it as a Star Citizen demo or trial, once downloaded you get access to everything the alpha has to offer.

Follow these steps in case of a free fly event:

  1. First register at RSI and create an account
  2. After that just download the game (about 30 gigabytes)
  3. Apply the free fly code to your account
  4. Launch the game and have fun

When is the next free fly event

To find out the next free fly event you’ll need to pay attention to the games’ development. The next event might occur be once alpha 3.9 releases but that could take a while.  We’ll probably see another event before that time.

Is Star Citizen free?

No Star Citizen is not free, but once you get a starter package you won’t have to pay for monthly subscriptions. Unlike other  massive online multiplayer games there are no monthly fees and there never will be. Like mentioned you can play star citizen for free during free fly events.

Can I get a free Star Citizen ship?

There is no such thing as a free Star Citizen ship, unless you get 10 people to use your referral code. Even then you still need to buy a package to be able to download the game. You could look for Star Citizen giveaways or raffles. If you want a free game package you could take part in Star Citizen raffles on Twitch during events like citizencon, gamescom or anniversaries.

Additionally, you could look for giveaways or enter CIG contest. Other than that you might consider begging for money on the street, a great way to start your career as shipless space hobo ;).

screen shot of the download pageStar Citizen coupon code
If you pay attention you might get a deal, although coupon codes are uncommon there are a few things you can do.