Star citizen coupons, gift cards and discounts

This code will earn you 5000 game credits.


There are a number of different Star Citizen coupon codes; discount coupons, gift cards and free fly week codes, but hardly ever available . Most of the discounts coupons aren’t free and some are for subscribers only. Gift cards are for sale in the store and go from $10,00 to $50,00.

Free fly week codes allow you to try the game for a few days and test some ships. It’s the perfect opportunity to find out if the current alpha state of Star Citizen is for you.

Double the value of your package

Note: this probably doesn’t work anymore.

There is a way to get the both Squadron42 and the online game for $30. You’ll still have to spend $60 but you’ll end up with 30 store credits! This is probably an error which will be fixed but it’s been working for a while.

  1. Day One: buy the Aurora MR package (-45$) and (after entering your details) add Squadron 42 (-15$).
  2. Day two: wait 24 hours, melt your Aurora MR package (+$45), and keep Squadron 42 (value $15).
  3. Day three: Buy a Squadron 42 Package (-45$) and get the game access addon (-15$).
  4. Day four: After 24 hours Melt a Squadron 42 Package (+45$), and keep Game Access addon (value $15).

You’ll end up with the following:

  • One addon ($15) – Game access including the Aurora MR – plus access to the Persistent Universe (multiplayer).
  • One addon ($15) – Squadron 42 (single player).
  • $30 in store credits (this could be used to upgrade the Aurora MR).

Star Citizen promo code

Occasionally CIG hands out promotional codes to backers and people who try out the game during free fly weeks. Promo codes like upgrading to a different ship with a discount, or 5% off of a new purchase. Another example of a recent discount code was the April fools discount. People who clicked on the buy button of the Misc reliant Big Benny variant got a $ 5 coupon.

The latest promo code came with the Prospector concept sale where you just had to create a fictional mining character. In order to get these coupons you need to pay attention to the Robert Space industries website. These types of coupons are not announced upfront but are usually given out a few weeks after a particular event.

Star Citizen coupon codes

A list of codes for the game and their status
STAR-X5R4-526BActive5000 UEC
GAMESCOM2017ExpiredNox & Cutlass sale unlock
WARBONDSExpiredDiscounted concept ship
WELCOME2SCExpiredFree fly
GAMESCOM2016ExpiredFree fly
SUMMERFREEFLY2016ExpiredFree fly

Star Citizen promo code April fools

Star Citizen Coupon code and discounts up to 20%

If you are looking for Star Citizen coupons you can get them by becoming a Star Citizen subscriber. Another way to get a discount coupons is by trying the sub-reddit Star citizen Trades
Keep in mind that you need to pay for these coupon codes in order to get a 10% or 20% discount and they don’t come cheap.

Star citizen coupon codes, imperator prime and centurion

Ship discounts and starter packages

During the anniversary sales in November 2014, 2015 and 2016 discounted starter packages were sold. The Aurora package was sold in limited quantities for just $20 in 2014. Unfortunately last sale wasn’t as good as the years prior, the $35 Aurora mr game package consisted of just the multiplayer game.

Furthermore in celebration of the 2016 Citizencon event a ship discount code was available to a select group consisting of concierge level backers, subscribers and Citizencon ticket holders. A discount of 125 USD was granted when ordering the Polaris during the pre-sale. Another recent change is that CIG offers discounted packages like the Super Hornet.

Polaris ship discount

Free fly weeks

If you see a green or orange free fly week message on top of the RSI website you might be in luck. This means you can create an account and fly for free! Usually you can try out many ships. Sometimes CIG hands out $5 vouchers to new registered accounts during free fly weeks, you get them in your e-mail after the event. These are the steps to follow when you want to join the free flight.

  1. First register at RSI and create an account
  2. After that just download the game (about 30 gigabytes)
  3. Enter the free fly code (they change every time)
  4. Once the download is completed, launch the game and login

Free fly week messages

AMD code

The AMD never settle space edition is a coupon that gets you the Mustang Omega package. You need to have a code that comes with R7 or R9 graphics cards. More information can be found at RSI and AMD. There were users on the SC market subreddit that sold them as low as 18 USD but alas, those days are over. This was because Newegg sold them for 1,00 USD each by mistake.

A couple of lucky Redditors bought them in the hundreds and sold them for profit. Nowadays you can still obtain them and they are sold for around 50,00 USD.
Mustang omega code