How to earn UEC in Star Citizen are ways to earn UEC but it isn’t easy and you can’t earn UEC in-game just yet. You can earn 5000 UEC by using my referral code, that’s the easy part. After enlisting it becomes very hard to get UEC. Check out the full trading sheet to earn aUEC in SC 3.1

The short answer, you can’t earn UEC in game yet unless you want to pay for it with cash or get lots of referrals from friends. There are ways to get UEC but it takes effort and time. The only way of earning UEC at this moment is by referring 25 friends with the referral program, and after that another 42 references. 25 friend referrals will earn you 15.000 UEC while bringing in another 42 Star Citizens to the game with your Star Citizen code will earn you another 30.000 UEC! That is not an easy task (I speak from experience), but fortunately Cloud Imperium Games introduced the REC system. So how to earn UEC when the game is released? Future game mechanics will allow you to earn UEC, I’ll go into details on how to achieve this in this article.

How do I earn UEC once the game is released?

If you look at the game mechanics earning UEC will not be hard. With all the different roles and game play styles that are coming. You will have a wide variety of choices getting your in game money. Mining might be a good source of income and I have a feeling that running cargo (space trucking) might also be a good opportunity to get a decent income. What to think of bounty hunting, exploration, trading, racing, reporting the news, hunting down Vanduul, transporting citizen, NPC’s or VIP’s, the list goes on and on.

How do I earn UEC? A mining ship called Orion

Best way to earn UEC

At this moment we don’t know the best way to earn UEC, probably closer to the beta we will have more details on the most efficient way to earn UEC. What we do know is that risky missions will earn you UEC faster than missions with low risk. If you plan to go for the more dangerous missions outside of UEE space the rewards will be higher. You risk being attacked by pirates and other threats in the Star Citizen universe.

Alpha UEC (aUEC)

Update for version 3.1. Here’s a full trading sheet!

With version 2.4 players have the ability to earn Alpha UEC in Star Citizen. The new currency is introduced specifically for testing purposes and can only be earned in game. aUEC is currently awarded for performing both Outlaw and “Defender” missions in Crusader, and can also be earned by salvaging rare valuables in the asteroid fields around crusader.
The Covalex PI Mission rewards more or less aUEC depending on the ending you receive.
aUEC can be used to purchase items in both Port Olisar, Crusader and Area 18, ArcCorp. Ship repairs will cost you Alpha UEC and you need to earn credits to be able to maintain your ship. This is the first introduction of persistence in Star Citizen.
Every account will start with 2750 aUEC.
aUEC can be tracked in-game via mobiGlas and will be periodically wiped as needed throughout the Star Citizen Alpha.To sum it up you can earn aUEC by:


  • Performing both Outlaw and “Defender” missions in Crusader.
  • Salvaging rare valuables in the asteroid fields around Crusader.
  • ICC Probe, Comm Array and Covalex PI missions will earn you aUEC.
  • The Covalex PI Mission rewards aUEC depending on the ending you receive.

Alpha UEC Star Citizen

The Rental Electronic Currency (REC)

Last year CIG announced the REC system which can be used to rent ships and weapons for a limited time. REC are a type of Virtual Currency that you can earn in-game by playing multiplayer games in Arena Commander. You can try racing against others, engaging in team dogfighting or play vs everybody. You always earn REC so don’t worry if you finish last place. Once you have enough REC you can get some better weapons or something that suits your play style better. The rental currency is also a very good way to find out if you want to upgrade to a new ship without having to spend real money. Remember that any rental item with less than 7 day-tokens remaining can be extended by 7 more days, at 80% of the original Electronic Access price.
M50 in a REC shopping cart

How does this REC system work

After you earned some REC by playing (for example) Coop Vanduul swarm you can see the earned REC in your account profile, next to your UEC. Just go to your hangar on the website and click on roms. Now you will see your current rentals (if you have any). Here you can also renew rentals that you purchased with your earned REC. On day 6 you can extend them by 7 days for 80%. If you are not playing the game the token counter stops so you don’t have to worry about rentals expiring.

example of a rented ship

The REC shop

Navigate to the main menu and click on ‘store’, in the large drop down menu you select ‘electronic access’. You are now in the REC store where you can rent ships, shields, weapons and coolers. Select your item of choice and the rental equipment will be added to your basket. After that just follow the checkout procedure, don’t worry you will not be charged. The REC checkout just works like the normal checkout. Once purchased your rental item can be found in your hangar, just select ‘my ROMS’.

So this is how REC works. I am sorry if I couldn’t answer the main question ‘how do I earn UEC’ in Star Citizen, you just have to be patient and see how the game develops. Until the game release, getting recruits is the only way how to earn UEC. You can of course buy Star Citizen United Earth Credits but I figure you wouldn’t be here if you considered that an option.

The REC shop

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