4th Anniversary – Star Citizen 2.6 ships – Capital ships sale & Star Marine

Star Citizen anniversary

I wasn’t expecting much of the 4th Star Citizen anniversary to be honest, mainly because of all the negativity on Reddit. I’m glad I was sceptical because what a great surprise I was in for.

The vocal minority within the community were quite upset with the lack of communication and delays but Cloud Imperium Games gave the community what they wanted, open development and transparency. The latest letter from the chairman addresses the concerns by providing the status of development as CIG has internally planned. Now let’s leave the drama behind and talk about the Star Citizen anniversary 2016.

Star Citizen 2.6 alpha new ships and Star Marine

Star Citizen alpha 2.6 will come with Star Marine, the delayed FPS which was supposed to be out last year. There are valid reasons why Star Marine was delayed, but the good news is we can finally try the FPS module soon™! It’s still in alpha and by no means a Battlefield 1 FPS, but I’m sure in time we’ll have a great shooter on our hands.

Announced ships that we’ll see in 2.6 are the info runner Drake Herald, the Origin 85X and the long awaited Drake Caterpillar. The Caterpillar was one of the first ships that was sold and I can imagine the excitement the backers which purchased the ship must feel.
Additionally some ship ‘variants’ will make their first appearance like the Gladius Valiant, Sabre Comet, Hornet Wildfire and Avenger Titan Renegade. The only differences are cosmetic and some changes to the hardpoint loadouts to bring more variety to the game. The loadouts are slightly better than the default but the chassis remains unchanged.

Anniversary sale 2016

Every year CIG hosts greatly anticipated Star Citizen anniversary sale. The sale means that most of the available ships are sold on different days. Additionally discounted combo packages are and many stand alone ships with 4 years of insurance.
The sale will continue for 8 days, on the last day most of the ships will be sold in the grand finale. Keep an eye out for the discounted starter packages! Check out the schedule on the RSI website.

Capital ships available in limited quantity

A number of capital ships will be sold in the upcoming week, including the  Idris P and the Javelin. The Origin 890 jump is for sale for the second time since 2014. The ships prices increased dramatically but they are mainly for Orgs and passionate backers.

Discounted starter packages

Just confirmed on Twitter by Ben. The price and contents of the discounted starter package is still unknown for now. I’m hoping it will consist of both Squadron 42 and Star Citizen. If you want to back the game, now is a really good time to create an account and buy a package on the 26th of November. Make sure to get some free in game credits when you create a new account.

Esperia prowler concept sale

Pricey ship but very impressive. The Esperia Prowler is a boarding ship with alien features and design. I can image this low signature ship will be very intimidating when you see one landing and marines storm out.

Dynamic ship skinning

Finally we learned about ship skinning, in the long run we might be able to completely customize our ships colors.

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