Gladius gold reward giveaway – (giveaway closed)

Giveaway is over. Winners have been notified, I decided to give away 20 additional recruits to contributors, thanks everyone!

1. Go to  and Share/Like/Tweet/G+ to participate, use the buttons on the left.

2. Come back here and leave a comment on this page if you want to win this ship! 

I’m giving away the Star Citizen Gladius gold reward to one of the citizens who shares Many citizens already have gotten recruits, but this time I’m giving away the best possible reward I can get you.

Your code will be on the main page until you get 10 recruits worth about 170 USD! Winner will be announced here at the end of December January and on my Facebook page.

Your shares and likes will help me get more exposure and enables me to give away the Gladius gold reward more often. If things go well I would be able to give away the Gladius every month.

So spread the word, mention my ship guide, starter guide etc on Reddit, forums, Twitter, Google Plus etc when appropriate (do not spam).
If you don’t believe me ask the last winner :).

Hey! Today I checked my account again and voila, I got my 10 recruits! What a great surprise for the new year. Thank you so much! Dirk


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Good Day, Big SC Fan and shared, liked and G+ the crap out it for you …. Love the ship.
See you in the Verse


Cool site, helped me a lot to join Star Citizen 🙂


i want to win the ship 😀

Shared and Tweeted! This site really help in the Star Citizen Referall Program =)


Big SC fan here. I’ve been really enjoying just watching the development.

I’m a huge Wing Commander fan and I know this’ll be great with the new engine choice

Amar Benjamin

Hey, i didn’t have enough money to get the gladius because it was too expansive for me, i hope i’ll win this giveaway to get my dream <3

David Levis

Tweeted, Facebook shared, and G+ share. Thanks for doing this. Also really helpful information for people just starting. Thanks for taking the time!


I am new to the game, this site looks lovely. I am going to spend my next hour or so here. So i try my luck and shared the site.

Rodney Gregory

That ship looks awesome.


Shared the homepage! Enjoy the holidays everyone


liked, tweeted g+’ed , :DDDD

Yay! Shared the Fb page!


Shared on Facebook and Google, good luck everyone!


I have shared, liked, and tweeted your website. Can I still participate?


I would love to have that buggy and gladius! Goodluck to everyone!