Star Citizen anniversary sale 2017 – hide your wallets!

Star Citizen anniversary sale 2017
The Star Citizen anniversary sale will kick off November 24th and ends at the 4th of December. This annual sale is a good time to pick up ships that aren’t always available. If you suffer from Star Citizen ship buying fever it’s better to avoid any contact with /r/starcitizen of the RSI website until the sale ends. Just jump straight to the Anniversary sale survival guide if you fear for your wallet.

Not really a sale as in discounts

There are a few misconceptions about the anniversary sale. Many believe that all ships come at a discounted price, but this isn’t really what the ‘sale’ is about. CIG usually offers some limited discounted starter packages but that’s about it. All the other ships are the same price as usual.

Ship and themed bundles

CIG also provides ship bundles. You can buy a bunch of ships from a specific manufacturer or themed bundles like alien ships at a discounted price. You can upgrade individual ships but you can’t gift individual ships. Gifting would mean transferring the entire bundle, and again, not the individual ships!

Note that if you melt a bundle all ships in that bundle will be converted into store credit.

60 months of ship insurance

The biggest benefit of buying a star citizen ship package during the anniversary sale is the added insurance. Every year insurance it gets increased by 12 months. 60 months insurance is just as good as LTI because you’ll have your ship upgraded long before the insurance expires.

If you already have a ship with 2-6 months insurance you could consider melting you package/ship and buy the same ship with 5 years insurance. Be careful though, you can’t gift your ship once you’ve convert it to store credits.

Don’t melt in the following cases unless you want to lose your ship:

  • You have a physical package, meaning physical items.
  • A promotional ship like referral rewards, AMD Omega , Sabre Raven
  • Special discounted packages from previous sales, like the 2014 $20 Aurora

The 5th Star Citizen anniversary sale, day to day

The sale usually lasts about 12 days, it is the biggest funding event of the year. The anniversaries bring in millions each year to support development. This is sale number 5 and a good opportunity to get limited or rare ships like the Origin 890 Jump, Super Hornet or the Constellation Phoenix. Note that this is a prediction based on previous years. If the sale turns out to be different this year I will adjust the info accordingly.

Day 1: Anvil Aerospace

24th of November

The sale will probably kick off with Anvil ships like the dedicated F7C-M Super Hornet dogfighter. The F7C-M is probably the only ship that is not permanently sold in the store. However, it’s sold many times a year so I wouldn’t call it rare.

Day 2: Aegis dynamics

25th of November

Day 2 kicks off with Aegis dynamics. Aegis has a number of ships that aren’t always available. If you are lucky enough and can afford a capital ship this sale is for you. The Idris P and Javelin might make an appearance and are sold in waves of limited numbers. Capital ships sell like hot cakes so you need to smash that F5 button and check out as fast as you possibly can.

If you’re not a space whale and just want a cool ship with 5 years insurance check out variants of the Gladius, Avenger and Sabre. I assume Sabre Raven will not be sold as it’s part of the Intel Optane deal.

Day 3: Ground vehicles and Alien ships

26th of November

Expect to see ground vehicles like the Ursa rover, Cyclone and Nox. Snub ‘fighters’ like P52, and P72 and if we’re lucky alien ships like the Xi’An Khartu-al, Glaive and Blade.

Day 4: Origin Jumpworks

27th of November

Luxury manufacturer Origin Jumpworks opens the doors on day 4. Expect 300 and 600 variants, the 85x, X1 and the slick M-50 racer. If you have the budget and been eyeballing the 890 Jump, this is probably the only opportunity to get one. Expect warbonds, meaning cash only and no store credit, just like last year. Unfortunately it probably won’t have LTI but ‘only ‘ 5 years of insurance. CCU’s were not available last year so I don’t expect any.

Day 5: Consolidated Outland

28th of November

I don’t expect the Pioneer to make an appearance, but if it does it’ll probably be in limited numbers. All the Mustang variants will be sold with the exception of the AMD omega edition.

Day 6: Roberts Space Industries

29th of November

This one could be interesting. Last year Consolidated Outland sold the Polaris during Citizencon but it wasn’t available during the anniversary sale. We’ve seen this happening before with the 890J, so maybe, just maybe we’ll be able to get the Polaris.

The Luxury Phoenix will probably make an appearance again just like last year, don’t expect any upgrades. Upgrades we’re only offered during the first concept sale back in 2014.

Aurora variants, the Orion mining platform and Connie Variants should be back in store. If you’re an Aurora owner you want to consider the LN upgrade.

Day 7: Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern (MISC)

30th of November

On day 7 MISC will take the stage. Great opportunity to get the missile boat Freelancer MIS . Expect all the variants of the Freelancers, Hull Series and Reliant. Mining ship Prospector for those interested and of course the Razor. If you’re looking for a bigger ship this will be an opportunity to get an Endeavor or Star Farer.

Day 8: Drake Interplanetary

1st of December

Citizens that pursue a career in pirating should pay attention to the Drake Interplanetary sale. The Cutlass variants, Caterpillar, Dragonfly, Herald and the Buccaneer will satisfy your pirating needs.

Day 9 to 12: All previous ships, vehicles, bundles and modules

2nd of December until the 4th

Like the title states, everything previously sold will be in store again.

Anniversary sale survival guide

Lock your doors, cut your internet cable, shut down your phone or just cut the power entirely. Your wallet isn’t safe yet as CIG will offer all previous ships, vehicles, modules and bundles. If you made it to this day without spending any money you need to take drastic measures to avoid the buying fever.

RIP wallet

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