Star Citizen Development hell

The chairman (Chris Roberts) has not been active for almost 2 years but bought a big 5m dollar mansion. I want to take down this website but maybe it’s better to turn it into something to inform people about the state of the ‘game’.

  • After 10 years there is still no sign of progress.
  • It’s a buggy mess and FPS below 10 are to be expected (even if you have a monster PC).
  • So far 1 of the 100 star systems have been delivered, after more than 10 years!
  • Star Citizen received close to 500m in funding, but now blames the backers of their incompetence.
  • The Youtubers don’t tell the whole story and just show pretty pictures.
  • The star citizen subreddit shows signs of shill accounts who perpetuate a biased narrative.
  • You really should read this Forbes article, it’s shocking.
  • Chris Roberts, the founder and CEO has gone MIA.
  • The main Star Citizen subreddit is comprimised and bans people who have a different opinion.

More to come soon. Please go over to

This is the only place where you can have a decent discussion without facing a ban. You can also learn how to get some of your money back if you’re in big.

Meanwhile I suggest to watch the Sunk Cost Galaxy series on Youtube to get a glimps of the shenanigans going on.