Star Citizen mini games

If you backed Star Citizen a while ago you’ll probably remember the mini games. If you haven’t heard about them yet it’s time to check them out! Guaranteed fun for a couple of hours, probably not going to help you wait for 3.0 though. Not only are they fun to play, you’ll unlock display titles without having to buy anything special. Remember that you need to be logged in to get the display titles. 

So let’s check out the mini games!

Into the Unknown: A Carrack & Her Crew

A Carrack and Her Crew

Explore space in an Anvil Carrack! The text based game consists of 10 events and each time you get 2 options with three possible (randomized) outcomes. At event number 10 you’ll need some reserves to reach your end-goal. Once you completed the last event you’ll be rewarded with the Cartographer title. This game was part of the concept sale of the Anvil Carrack (November 28th 2014).

Hyper Vanguard Force

Hyper Vanguard Force mini game

Test your dog fighting skills in a great retro style arcade game. Just hop aboard the Vanguard and fight pirates in a classic arcade themed game. You’ll unlock the Predator and Apex display titles.

This mini game was created by game creators Dave Richard and Christine Marsh. All assets are designed by them based on the original concept art. The game was introduced during the Vanguard concept sale on May 9th 2015.

A Loan in the ‘Verse

a loan in the verse mini game

Some loved it, other hated the game…what else is new. You’re given a claim and for that you’ll need an Orion. Unfortunately you’ll need a serious loan and pay your debts to the bank while fencing off pirates. Unlocks the Prospector title. February 27th 2015

Some pointers (spoilers!):

  • Upgrade order is important: drone numbers, drones, refinery.
  • Get rid of common ore once you can mine uncommon ore You’ll need about 2-3 drones and 3-4 uncommon prospects to keep digging uncommon.
  • Assign drones to ores
  • Level 2-3 sled is fine to get you through the endgame. Drill is pretty much useless, you only need one once you found certain minerals.




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